Dedicated to the discovery, education, and admiration of Lick Creek Park

The public portion of the Lick Creek Park BioBlitz will take place on  April 18th, 2020  from 9AM-2PM

All Ages Welcome!

Welcome to the Lick Creek Park BioBlitz!

Brought to you by the Texas A&M University Society for Conservation Biology

Come learn about the diverse ecosystems that make up your local Brazos Valley area! Families, nature enthusiasts, and experts alike will work together to discover the wildlife of Lick Creek Park. Get involved with surveying the park or walk the trails and interact with the amazing animals that we will find!

What do I do at a BioBlitz?

At the Lick Creek BioBlitz, there are two ways to get involved:

As a Student Volunteer:

  • Join an animal team of your interest and help trap or spot as many animals as you can!
  • Record and compile the data of your findings
  • Present your findings to the public and help educate visitors from a presentation table along the Lick Creek Park Trails
  • Let any collected animals back into their natural habitat

As a Visitor:

  • Walk the Lick Creek Park trails and check out the awesome animals that are on display
  • Play some hands-on games that show the awesome diversity of nature in the Brazos Valley
  • Get to interact with wildlife biologists and wildlife alike!
  • For all ages! 
  • *All dogs MUST be on a leash*
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